Genesis Bibliography
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The Free Bible Study Help presented in these web pages are mostly Stephen Ricker's personal study notes. Study question sheets similar to the ones presented here have been used by Christian churches and organisations since the early 20th century. Asking questions to help germinate thought is nothing new to studying the Bible, or anything else for that matter. An inquisitive mind asks questions and then seeks to find the answer. Jesus taught, "Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened for you." Surely this implies to understanding as much as receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Quotes from various sources are presented in the commentaries. Scholars will quickly notice that I did not properly record the quotes' source. This is because I do not plan to publish the material in these Free Bible Study materials at any time. Rather, I first began reading books and writing thoughts on the Bible to understand what God was saying to me in the Bible so that I may grow closer to him, practice what he wants me to do, and use this knowledge while teaching Bible study classes.

However, not to be disregarded just because I didn't quote according to the established scholarly principles, below is a more professional presentation of reference source materials used in the Free Genesis Bible Study Commentaries on this site.

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