Hebrews 11:1-7 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Faith That Pleases God
Questions for Study 8

Hebrews 11:1-7
Memory Verses: 11:6a


I. Basic Christian Faith (1-3)

1. What is the author's definition of faith? What are the things that we hope for and yet we do not see ? What is the character of Christian faith in view of verse l?

2. Why is it significant that the ancients were commended for their faith by God?

3. What fundamental truth about the existence of all things rests on faith? Why is it so important in our daily lives to have creation faith? Why can this fundamental faith only be understood by faith?

II. The Faith of Abel, Enoch, and Noah (4-7)

4. How was Abel's sacrifice different from Cain's? (Gen. 4:1-5) How did God witness to his faith? Why could Abel only go to God "by faith"?

5. What is the evidence that faith pleased God? What was it in Enoch's life that pleased God?

6. What does the Bible tell us about Enoch? (Gen. 5:22,24) What does it mean to walk with God?

7. What two things must we believe about God in order to have faith that is acceptable to him? Why is each important in our life of faith? How can we best please God?

8. What can you tell about the time of Noah? (Gen. 6:1-14,22 ) How was Noah different from the people in his time? What characterized his faith?

9. According to Hebrews, what did Noah believe? What were the things "not yet seen"? What does it mean to have "holy fear" of God's word? Why wasn't it easy for him to hold God's word absolutely in his time?

10. How did Noah show his faith? How was his faith rewarded? In what respect did Noah's faith condemn the world?

11. What can you learn from these verses about faith that pleases God?