Luke 8:40-9:9 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus' Healing and Sending the Twelve
Questions for Study 17

Luke 8:40-9:9
Memory Verse: 50


I. Daughter, Your Faith Has Healed You (40-48)

1. Where had Jesus been and why did the crowd welcome him? (40, 26) Who was Jairus and why was he so eagerly waiting for Jesus? (41)

2. What delayed Jesus' short trip to Jairus' house? (43-44) What did she believe? (Matt. 9:20-21; Mark 5:25-29) Why? (Malachi 4:2) How was her faith in Jesus blessed?

3. Why did Jesus press her to confess? (45-46) Why was it necessary for her to put aside her shame and embarrassment and reveal what had happened? How did Jesus bless her?

II. Just Believe (49-56)

4. What happened while Jairus was still speaking? What advice did the messenger give Jairus? How did Jesus help Jairus at this crucial moment?

5. How did Jairus respond to the messenger and to Jesus? How could this seemingly unfortunate turn of events be used to plant faith in Jairus?

6. Describe the general atmosphere of Jairus' home when Jesus arrived. How might these well meaning neighbors impede Jairus' faith? How did Jesus create an atmosphere of faith? What does Jairus' silent cooperation show about him?

7. Describe the healing of the girl. Why did he tell them to give her something to eat? Why did he order them not to tell about what he had done?

III. Jesus Sends Out the Twelve (9:1-9)

8. What does Jesus' calling the Twelve tell about the phase of Jesus' ministry? How did Jesus now change the disciples life, preparing them before he sent them out? (1)

9. What was the mission he gave them? Why? What did Jesus tell them not to take? Why did Jesus tell them not to take the normal travel times?

10. What kind of relationships were they to make with people in each town? Why were they to shake the dust off their feet when they left towns that did not welcome them? What was the response of the people? Why was this so successful?

11. Why was Herod so perplexed? Why did he try to see Jesus? What does Herod's beheading of John and his attitude toward Jesus reveal about the times and needs of the people? About the danger to Jesus and the apostles?