Luke 14:1-35 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Great Banquet
Questions for Study 27

Luke 14:1-35
Memory Verse: 13-14a


I. A Pharisee's Banquet (1-14)

1. Why was Jesus being so carefully watched at the Pharisee's banquet? Why do you think the Pharisee invited him? Why did he accept?

2. What did Jesus do when the man suffering from dropsy stood before him? (2-4) What did he teach? (5) Why were the Pharisees silent?

3. What did Jesus notice about the guests at the banquet? What do their actions reveal about them? What teaching did Jesus give these guests? (8-11) Why did he teach them?

4. What was the Pharisee's basis for selecting the guests he invited to his banquet? What did Jesus teach his host about whom he should invite? Why?

II. The Great Heavenly Banquet (15-24)

5. Why did the man in verse 15 make a remark about a great heavenly banquet? What did he mean?

6. In Jesus' parable, who is the host? Who do the invited guests represent? Who does the servant represent?

7. What were the responses of the invited guests? How did these responses reveal their worldliness? What do they reveal about their attitude toward God?

8. How did the master respond to the rejection? (21) Who do these second group of invited guests represent? How are we like the third group? What can we learn about God? (24)

III. The Workers of the Kingdom of God (25-34)

9. What did Jesus teach the large crowds following him? What does he mean by "hate" his loved ones and himself?

10. What do each of the two parables in verses 28-33 teach about counting the costs of following Jesus? About the importance of making a decision and a committment?

11. What does salt that has lost its saltiness represent? How should Christians have saltiness?