Mark 6:30-56 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand
Questions for Study 11

Mark 6:30-56
Memory Verse: 37a


I. He Had Compassion on Them (30-34)

1. Where had the apostles just been? (7) What were they reporting about ? (12,13,30) What small problem arose? (31) What did Jesus invite them to do? Why?

2. What happened as they left in the boat? (32) Who got to the other side first? (33) Why do you think they ran on foot so fast? When Jesus landed, how did he see the crowd of people, and why? (34a) What did Jesus do for them? (34b) What can we learn here from Jesus?

II. "You Give Them Something to Eat" (35-44)

3. When it was late, what did the disciples say? (35,36) In what way was this a realistic suggestion?

4. What did Jesus say to them? (37a) In what way was his command impossible for them to obey? What was Jesus trying to teach them through this?

5. How did they respond to his command (37b) How do you think they felt? How did Jesus help them? (38) What does it mean to "go and see"? What can we learn here?

6. When the disciples brought what they had, what was the result? (39-44) What can we learn from this?

III. "Take Courage! It Is I" (45-56)

7. What did Jesus do immediately after feeding the crowd? (45) Why did he pray alone? (46) What happened to the disciples that night? (47, 48a)

8. What did Jesus do? (48b) How did the disciples respond? (49, 50a) What did Jesus say to them? (50b) What was their problem? What happened when Jesus climbed into the boat? What does verse 52 mean? Through this "storm training," what did Jesus want to teach them?

9. What happened when they landed? (53-55) What does this scene reveal about Jesus? What happened as Jesus traveled about? (56) What does it suggest about the work of the disciples?