Mark 5:1-20 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Man
Questions for Study 8

Mark 5:1-20
Memory Verse: 19


I. "Come Out of this Man, You Evil Spirit." (1-8)

1. What had Jesus been doing the previous day? (4:1-34) Then what had he decided to do? (4:35,36: 5:1) What happened along the way? (4:37-41) How might they have felt when they finally got to the other side?

2. Who met them? Describe the man, thinking about each of the facts Mark tells us about him. (3-5) What do these facts suggest about his relationships with his family and his neighbors? About his attitude toward himself? What shows his desire for freedom?

3. When he saw Jesus from a distance, what did he say? (7) Why do you think he did this? What was his inner conflict?

4. What did Jesus say before the man spoke? (8) What does this tell us about Jesus?

II. "What is Your Name" (9-10)

5. What did Jesus do next to help this man? (9a) Why do you think Jesus asked this? What does his question tell us about Jesus?

6. How did this man respond to Jesus' question? (9b) What does this tell us about him? (15) Why might demons have been able to invade him?

III. "Jesus Used 2,000 Pigs to Save One Man" (11-17)

7. When Jesus began to help this man, what did the demons see and ask for? (10-12) How did Jesus respond? (13a) When the demons left the man and went into the pigs, what happened to them? (13b) Why was this a dangerous thing for Jesus to allow? What can we learn from Jesus?

8. When the towns people heard what had happened, and upon seeing the man, how did they respond? (14-17) Why do you think they pleaded with Jesus to leave? What does this show about their basic values?

IV. "Jesus Appoints Him as a Gospel Worker" (18-20)

9. As Jesus was leaving, what did the man do? (18) Why? In spite of his pleads, how did Jesus respond? (19a) Why? What did Jesus tell him to do? (19b) What did he want this man to remember and declare? Why would Jesus' command be a real help to this man? What did the man do and how did the people respond? (20) See a map if possible.