Mark 5:21-43 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Heals Two Women
Questions for Study 9

Mark 5:21-43
Memory Verse: 36


I. "My Little Daughter is Dying" (21-24)

1. Where was Jesus (5:1,21)? What had he and his disciples been doing just before this (5:1-20)? Why do you think this crowd had gathered around Jesus?

2. What was Jairus' position in the community (22)? Why had he come there (23)? What did he do when he saw Jesus? What request did he make of Jesus, and what was Jesus' response (23-24)?

3. Why do you think Jesus was pleased with Jairus' faith? How can you and I have faith that pleases God?

II. "If I Just Touch His Clothes" (25-34)

4. What was the problem of the woman whom Jesus encountered on the way to Jairus' house (25)? How long had she been sick? How had her condition and her situation gotten progressively worse (26)? Why did her physical problem make it difficult for her to come to Jesus openly?

5. What did she believe about Jesus (28)? What did she do (27)? What happened when she touched his clothes (29)? What can we learn from her faith?

6. Why did Jesus know that someone had touched him in a different way (30a)? Why did he keep on searching until the woman came out and confessed (30b-32)? Why did he give her such a hard time (33-34)?

7. In what way did Jesus' ministry to this woman plant faith in Jairus?

III. "Just Believe" (35-43)

8. In the meantime, what happened at Jairus' house (35a)? What advice did the messengers give Jairus (35b)? What was Jesus' word to him (36)? What did he fear? What shows that he received Jesus' word (38a)? What can we learn from him about faith?

9. When they arrived, what was going on at Jairus' house? (38b)? What kind of atmosphere did the neighbors and professional mourners make? How did they respond to Jesus (39-40a)?

10. How did Jesus make an atmosphere of faith, and how did Jairus cooperate (40b)? What did Jesus do (41-42)? What instructions did he give to the parents, and why (43)? According to the passage, how can we please Jesus?