Matthew 25:1-46 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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When the Son of Man Comes
Questions for Study 30

Matthew 25:1-46
Key Verse: 31-32


I. The Parable of the Ten Virgins (1-13)

1. What was Jesus using this parable to describe? For whom were the virgins waiting? Who do they represent? Who is the bridegroom? Why were five virgins called foolish and five called wise?

2. What happened while they were waiting? (5-6) What was the dilemma of the foolish virgins, and what did they do? (7-10a) When did the bridegroom arrive?

3. What privilege did the wise virgins have? (10b) Why? What did the others do? What did the bridegroom say to them?

4. How could the foolish virgins make such a costly mistake? What does the oil represent? What is Jesus teaching through this parable?

II. The Parable of the Talents (14-30)

5. What was Jesus using this second parable to describe? What did the master do before he left on his journey? What did each servant do? What do the talents represent?

6. When did the master return What did he do? What report did two servants give? How did he command and reward them? What does this teach about God? How does he reward faithful servants?

7. What had the third servant been entrusted with? What had he done with it? What did he come and say to the master? How did the master respond? What did he do? (28-30) What was Jesus teaching here?

III. The Sheep and the Goats (31-46)

8. How will Jesus come again and what will he do? Who is included in this judgement? (32-33) What blessing will he give to the sheep on his right? (34) Why do they qualify to inherit the kingdom of God? (35-36)

9. How will they respond to the King's words? (37-39) Why are they surprised? How does King Jesus explain? (40) What does this reach us about King Jesus? About how to live as his people?

10. What will the King say to the goats on his left? What have they done to deserve such punishment? (42-43) What does their surprised response, (44) show about their selfish hearts?

11. What will King Jesus say? (45) How can our selfish hearts and inner motives be changed to be like his compassionate heart?