1 Timothy 6:1-21 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Practical Application of the Word
Questions for Study 5

1 Timothy 6:1-21
Memory Verse: 17


I. Slaves and Masters (6:1-2)

1. What is a yoke and how does it correspond to slavery? What are the ways a person became a slave in Roman society? Is the common worker today a type of slave? How should a slave conduct himself? Why?

2. Why might a believing slave look down on his master if he is also a believer? What must slaves with believing masters do? How should a believing master utilize a believing slave?

II. Love of Money is the Root of all Kinds of Evil (6:3-10)

3. If someone teaches from the Bible does it mean that all his teachings are from God? (3) How can we know sound doctrine so that we can spot a false teacher? What is the motivation of false teachers? (4a) What tools do they use to keep people off balance? (4b-5a) What is false teachers ultimate goal?

4. What does verse 6 mean? What is the truth about riches found in verse 7?

5. What is one way to spot a true believer and Bible teacher? (8)

6. Why shouldn't a believer want to get rich? (9) What is the constant temptation of the rich? (10) Are rich believers excluded from the troubles that wealth brings?

III. What to Flee and Pursue (6:11-21)

7. What should a man of God flee? What should he pursue?

8. What is the life of faith compared to in verse 12? What kind of confession is Paul talking about? How did Jesus do such a confession?

9. What do we learn about God's character in verses 15 and 16?

10. How should rich Christians use their wealth? (17-18) Why? (19) What is the final instructions Paul gives Timothy?