Luke 20:20-47 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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He is The God of the Living
Questions for Study 36

Luke 20:20-47
Memory Verse: 38


I. "To Caesar What is Caesar's... To God What is God's" (20-26)

1. Why did the Pharisees send spies to Jesus? (19-20) What was their question? (4, 22) Why was this such a controversial issue? In what respect was this question a trap?

2. How did Jesus respond to them? (23) Who does this teach man's basic obligations to rulers of the world and to God? What are man's basic obligations to God?

II. "Whose Wife Will She Be?" (27-33)

3. What was the Sadducces' place in Jewish society? Why do you think they said there is no resurrection? (29) Why do you think they came to Jesus with this question?

4. Notice carefully the main contents of their question. (28, 33) What does this reveal about their inner way of thinking? Why do you think their inner way of thinking was so miserable? How are they compared to modern thinking?

III. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob (34-40)

5. How did Jesus describe the main concern of the people of his age? (34) How did Jesus see the new age? How does this suggest that marriage cannot be an ultimate solution to people's problems? What does verse 35 mean?

6. How did Jesus teach the truth of the resurrection? (37-38) Why did Jesus quote Exodus 3:6 concerning the God of the living? What does it mean that the Lord God is "the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob"? What can we learn from this about God and men?

IV. Whose Son Is The Christ? (41-47)

8. What was Jesus' question to the teachers of the law in verses 41-44? How does this teach his deity and ultimate victory? How does this suggest that even though they know many meticulous laws in the Bible, they did not know the main point of the Scripture? According to Jesus' warning in verses 46-47 what can we know about them?