Luke 21:1-38 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Signs of the End of the Age
Questions for Study 37

Luke 21:1-38
Memory Verse: 8


I. The Widows Offering (1-4)

1. What was Jesus doing? What does this teach us? Why do you think the rich did not impress him as much as the widow?

II. Watch Out that You are Not Deceived (5-19)

2. Why were Jesus' disciples impressed by the temple? How did Jesus view the temple in a different way than the disciples? What appalling future state and destiny did Jesus tell them about the temple?

3. What two questions did the disciples ask Jesus? Why did the destruction of the temple seem to imply the end of the age?

4. As the end of the age approaches what is the first thing that Christians must watch out for? What will the false messiahs do when they come? Can you give any reference about modern-day false messiahs? How can we avoid being deceived by the false messiahs?

5. What are some of the frightening events that will happen before Jesus' return? When they happen how can we not be frightened?

6. How and why will Jesus' disciples be persecuted in the last days? Why can times of persecution become opportunities to glorify God? How can we know what to say and have courage to say it when we are persecuted?

7. According to verse 16, what will be the persecution that is most difficult to endure? What does this teach us about our priorities? What promises does Jesus give to those who are faithful to him in every circumstance?

III. They Will See the Son of Man Coming (20-38)

8. What did Jesus say about the indication of the destruction of Jerusalem as well about the signs of the end of the age coming to draw near? Why will such great distress in the land occur from a Biblically point of view?

9. What are the signs that will appear in the heavens and at the time of Jesus' second coming? Why will men be terrified?

10. Describe the coming of the Son of Man. What does his coming mean to mankind? How can we be sure it is near?

11. How may God's people know the imminence of the coming of the kingdom of God? What should be the attitude of God's people when they are aware of the imminence of the coming kingdom? What kind of preparation do we have to make so that we may not only escape all the calamities but also be ready to stand before the Son of Man joyfully?