Luke 22:1-38 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Last Supper
Questions for Study 38

Luke 22:1-38
Memory Verse: 20b


I. Judus Agrees to Betray Jesus (1-6)

1. As the Passover time approached, what were the religious leaders thinking about? At this time, what was happening in the mind of Judas, one of the Twelve? What did he do? Why do you think he let Satan enter his heart?

II. The New Covenant of Blood (7-23)

2. What did Jesus tell Peter and John to do? Why might this have been hard to do? What did they learn from obeying his instructions?

3. Why do you think Jesus was so eager to eat this Passover with his disciples? What is the historical background of the Passover? (Exodus 12:7-12, 29-32) In what ways does the Isrealites' slavery in Egypt parallel man's slavery to sin?

4. What did Jesus teach about the meaning of the bread he broke and gave them? How can Jesus, the Bread of Life, satisfy our hunger? (John 6:35, 56, 57)

5. After the supper, what did Jesus teach about the meaning of the cup? What does it mean that Jesus makes a blood covenant with us? (Romans 3:10; 5:8-9; 1 John 1:7) Can you confidently say that you have made a personal blood covenant with Jesus?

6. What did Jesus say about Judas? Though he ate the last supper with Jesus and tasted the great love of the Messiah, why could he not bear Jesus' love?

III. The Truely Great Man in the Kingdom of God (24-38)

7. What did the disciples argue among themselves at this time? Why? What does this show about their spiritual condition? How should the disciples' way of serving be different from that of worldly people? What was the example of Jesus himself?

8. What is the glorious promise Jesus gave his disciples? What is the prerequsite of ruling with Jesus in the kingdom?

9. What was Jesus' prayer topic for Simon Peter? Why was Simon especially vulnerable to Satan's attack?

10. What new instructions did Jesus give the apostles? Why? What do they mean practically to his disciples?