Luke 24:1-53 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus, the First to Rise From the Dead
Questions for Study 42

Luke 24:1-53
Memory Verse: 46-47


I. He Has Risen (1-12)

1. Who went to Jesus' tomb very early in the morning? Why? What might have been their concern on the way? What did they find when they arrived at the tomb?

2. Who were the two men in the tomb? What was the response of the women as they entered the tomb and found out what was going on there? How did the men gently rebuke the women? What good news did they give the women? Which of Jesus' words did they remind them of?

3. How were the women changed as they remembered Jesus' words? What did they do? To whom did they deliver the first resurrection message?

4. How did the apostles respond to their message? What did Peter do? What was his reaction as he saw what had happened in the tomb? How was Peter different from the women?

II. On the Road to Emmaus (13-35)

5. Who were the two men who were going to Emmaus? What were they discussing? What do you think kept them from recognizing the Risen Jesus who joined them? Why were they downcast even after they heard that Jesus was alive?

6. What can you learn about their thoughts concerning Jesus through the story they told to the Risen Jesus? How did they reveal their despair?

7. How and why did Jesus rebuke them? How did he try to teach them about Christ and the resurrection? What happened when they recognized the Risen Jesus as they shared bread with him?

8. What did they say to each other when they recognized him? What did they do when they were convinced of his resurrection? What can we learn about the changing power of Jesus' resurrection through the changed attitudes and actions of the disciples?

III. Jesus Appears to the Disciples (36-49)

9. What did the Risen Jesus say when he visited the disciples? How did they respond? How did he convince them of his resurrection? Why was it hard for them to believe even after seeing him? What did he prove to them by eating in their presence?

10. How did he help their faith and how did he open their minds? What mission and promise did he give them?

IV. The Ascension (50-53)

11. Describe Jesus' ascension into heaven. How does Jesus' ascension give the hope of Jesus' second coming to his disciples? (Acts 1:9-11) What did they do after his ascension? How were the disciples changed after believing Jesus' resurrection?